Summer & renewed commitment

I graduated from my fancy liberal arts college last week. This gives me some space to settle down, breathe, panic, and think about what I’m going to prioritize for the next few months (/years) of my life.

I just started reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. My dad bought it for me as a graduation present. He accidentally ordered the large print edition from Amazon, which is okay, of course, but it’s strange because I’m not used to it and it tricks me into thinking I’ve read much more than I actually have. I mention the book because the first few pages (all I’ve read so far) introduce a character who used to write a blog. That reminded me of this blog and all my hesitant, aborted attempts to commit to it. (You know how many posts I’ve written here and then deleted? So many.) The post about the Annunciation that I’ve had up since March is the only thing that’s survived for any length of time, probably because I wrote it right before I collapsed into (thankfully) the last major social crisis of my undergraduate experience. After that, spring (and everything else) unravelled almost overnight. Now I’m here, sitting on the futon at home, and it’s essentially summer. Outside is fresh and green and vivid. I can hear birds and the cars on the lower road.

My summer job at an environmental organization starts next week. That’ll be my main commitment, of course, but I’ll also be learning to cook, preparing to start divinity school in the fall, justifying my life decisions to myself, reading, and (hopefully) writing. To encourage myself to write, I’ve decided to commit to this blog. I’ll return to writing weekly feminist Catholic reflections on the lectionary (I say “return” because I did this last summer but deleted all of it afterward) and also write at least one other post per week. Most of my other work will probably be about theology, interfaith, and feminism, of course, but I also write (and need to write) about writing, environmental justice, and how my life is falling apart. I just need to think out loud. And send the thoughts out into the void, hoping vaguely that someone will agree with me.

I post this here to mark my commitment. Here goes.


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